Monday, April 18, 2016


During the last 40 years I’ve devoted my artistic self to following the calling of photography.  The journey has taken me far into an understanding of myself and of the vocation of photography.  Although during the more recent years I found that my wish to do this or that and to go here or there was limited by my physical strength making my journey’s far and few between.
In 2014 my wife Joyce and I moved from Riverdale, NY back to Woodstock, NY to be closer to family and to enjoy that feeling of HOME that the Catskill Mountains has always given to us.  Joyce took a seat on the Board of Woodstock Artist Association and Museum and I a one year term as a Board member with Maverick Knolls Homeowner Association. We each met neighbors and reacquainted ourselves with friend from our earlier days. 
In may after one of Joyce’s Board meetings she introduced me to Leah and that is when I was told that Leah is a potter.  As I acknowledged the introduction, I blurted out that pottery was something I had always wanted to try.  Leah then asked, “Do I want to learn or just try throwing?” My reply was something along the lines of; try and then see if I want to learn.  Leah said common over to her home and studio.
The rest is a simple but honest history.  Once my hands touched the clay I was taken on another artistic journey.  This time with a guide Leah how spent hours showing the wheres and why clay goes up as you pull and down as you abuse it.  Many lessons and hours were spent in her studio to the point where it was very obvious to me that I would have to have my own wheel. 
Now I do and pottery is an every day part of my life and my families life.  When My grandchildren come to visit they divide their time between painting with Joyce and throwing clay with me. This alone is a most wonderful gift.  But I’ve blessed by the Muse holding my hands as I sit by the wheel in an attempt to create.

These pages of images are a result of a daily grind and in search of….
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