Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Whenever I receive a photo from a customer showing how they are using the ceramic vase they purchased from me; I SMILE.  The image below has done just that, made me smile.

Here you see the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha is sitting in the lotus position with hand pointing to the ground.   Buddha's left hand is in the position of meditation with palm open as to accept alms.
I may be wrong abut the interpretation, if so I apologize if I offended anyone.  As well, please send me an email of the correct interpretation so that I can correct this post.  I can be reached using the contact form below or sending an email to woodstockpotter.lps@gmail.com,

Shakyamuni in Lotus position for meditation.
Here is a LINK to the explanation of the sitting Buddha in the image.  My thanks to my neighbor for sending me this.

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